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How To Fix Deep Key Scratches

It’s a terrible experience to find a key scratch on a car, not just because of the damage it does but also because of the malice behind the act. Keying someone’s car is almost always an act of aggression or revenge, meant to embarrass the victim as well as costing him or her a lot of money. Victims who need to fix deep key scratches have several options.

First Steps

No matter how the scratch is repaired, a good first step is to cover it up with duct tape, ideally in a nice matching color. This helps to keep water from getting in the scratch and causing the metal to rust. Dirt and debris from the road can also get into a scratch and make it worse. Once first aid has been applied, it’s important to get the scratch repaired as soon as possible.

Professional Repair

Many people opt for professional repair if they can afford it or if their insurance will cover it. Unfortunately, professional repair can end up costing a lot because mechanics usually don’t do spot repair. In order to avoid a poor paint match, they insist on re-painting the entire body panel. A long scratch could require painting and clear-coating of multiple panels. While the results will look good, the owner will have to pay a lot of money or risk an increase in their car insurance premiums.

DIY Repair

In order to save money, some people opt for DIY repair. This requires purchasing a lot of supplies, such as matching paint, clear coat, rubbing and polishing compounds, cloths, polish, and wax, and then learning how to use them. Experienced mechanics and body repair professionals can get great results repairing a scratch on their own. However, first-timers usually end up putting in a lot of labor hours and may not get professional-looking results from their efforts.

Scratch Repair Kit

Another DIY option is to use a scratch repair kit. There are a variety of kits on the market, and some promise quick results after a single application. According to customer reviews, some of the kits work in just 20 minutes, making the scratch is invisible from a few feet away.